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Titlable melting and holding furnaces


This furnace type is used for refiningand casting aluminium melts in casting machines and transport crucibles. Bath treatment is carried out either bymeans of stirring gas lances or by porous plugs.

Technical Data

·        Capacity:                 10-50 t liquid aluminium

·        Meltingcapacity:        1-5t/hour

·        Bathdepth of:          up to 1,200 mm

·        Door:                      hydraulically displaceable charging door to be opened

allover the width of the furnace.

·        Burner:                    regenerative burner pairs up to 4,5 MW output perburner

·        Furnaceweighing:      measuringaccuracy 100 kg           


·        Hydraulically operated charging and cleaning doors overthe complete furnace width.

·        Optimal door insulation by means of flanged castplates.

·        Effective regenerative burner pairs ensure CO2 reduction.To save space flue and exhaust

·        gas fans, fittings and control lines are installedon the furnace roof.

·        Electrically adjustable exhaust gas valves ensureconstant furnace pressure.

·        High-quality refractory lining guarantee longworking live and low maintenance costs.

·        Melt cleaning by means of hydraulically immersinggraphite lances or porous plugs.

·        Compact design with self-supporting roofconstruction.

·        Easy cleaning at alloy change.

·        Remote maintenance module integrated into thecontrol system.

·        Optional: interface to company network forrecording consumption data.

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