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      Round tiltable melting furnace



      The BARTZ-round tiltable melting furnaceis designed for the re-melting of non- contaminated clean scrap, massel, sowsand ingots. The liquid metal transfer is performed by a hydraulic tiltingfunction via casting spout and connected launder system.

      Technical Data

      ·        Typicalfurnace size       40 - 60t capacity

      ·        Meltrate                 15 - 17t/hour

      ·        Bathdepth                    500 – 600mm

      ·        Furnacetemperature      1100-1200°C insidetemperature

      ·        Gasconsumption          560 KWh/t (heat valuenatural gas of 10 KWh/Nm3)

      ·        Burnersystem        2 x 2 LowNOx regenerativeburner (2 pairs)

      ·        Tiltingfunction              Stepless from 0 -27°                  


      ·        Hydraulically operated furnace door with automatictightening function

      ·        Removable furnace cover over the whole furnacediameter for top-charging-function (charging of 40-60t in one step possible)

      ·        Regenerative burner system with easy maintenancefunctions, crossfire melting mode and low NOx and CO values

      ·        No water cooling system for the furnace needed

      ·        Refractory lining with materials from Europe>500mm at wall and bottom

      ·        Optional: stainless steel bottom forElectro-Magnetic-Stirrer (EMS) usage

      ·        Optional: manipulator for the movement of thefurnace cover

      ·        Optional: charging bucket (40-60t) for the meltingfurnace

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