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      Rotary-tilting furnace


      The tilting rotary furnace is the keytechnology in state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plants, it is used for melting lumpy and contaminated scraps,particularly dross, chips and UBCs. Short charging times combined with low specific energy consumptionand reduced salt addition result in a considerableincrease of productivity and efficiency of the plant.

      Technical Data

      ·        Theor.effective furnace capacity:     5 to 20 tons

      ·        Theor.melting output:                       1 to 5 t/h

      ·        Saltfactor:                                         0.3 to 0.6

      ·        Averagegas consumption :               25 to 45 Nm3/t (raw material + salt)

      ·        Burneroutput gas-O2 burner:            1-6 MW

      ·        Numberof rotation of furnace:          1 to 9 rotations/min

      ·        Clearanceof door opening:               900-2,350 mm°                    


      ·         State-of-the-art gas-oxygen-air-burner

      ·         Two-part multifunctional door, can be openedindividually, with integrated burner adjustment,

      slag retainer andswivelling flue gas channel.

      ·         Aluminium tapping with closed door resulting in lowenergy loss and low oxidation of the melt

      ·         Perfect view for the operator during burneroperation due to individually opening wings of the door

      ·         Perfect temperature monitoring

      ·         Reduction of oxidation atmosphere by continuoustemperature adjustment

      ·         Short melting times and low temperature loss due toefficient furnace insulation

      ·         Suitable for ferrous scraps

      ·         Permanent monitoring of bearing temperature

      ·         Remote maintenance module integrated into thecontrol system

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