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CT – Conductivity Testing Unit


The Bartz Conductivity Testing Unit isdesigned for large size Aluminumplate nondestructive testing (NDT). Theconductivity testing method is for detecting and characterizing of structuraldefects of Aluminum plates also to verify the material’s heat treat conditions.The roller conveyor unit transport the plates through a detections bridge withtwo sensors, one mounted on the lower and one mounted on the upper side of theconveyor. The sensors touch with the spring-mounted sensor heads both surfacesof the plate while moving in transverse direction from plate edge to plateedge. Speed-controlled by the system, the simultaneous movements in x- andy-direction perform a meandering 100% test of the plate. The analogicalmeasurement results are imported by means of an analogical entry assembly unitand saved according to the plate position

Technical Data

·        Equipmentlength                        60.000mm

·        Equipmentwidth                         5.000mm

·        Workpiecemax. dimension            24.000mm x 3.800mm x 280mm

·        Workpiecemin. dimension            2.000mm   x   300mm x     5mm

·        Scanningspeed                          300mm/s

·        Frequencyrange                        60, 120, 240, 480,960 kHz


·        Equipment is qualified for Aircraft and Aerospace(Nadcap NDT)

·        Marking device optional available

·        Special Bartz-design of the probe-heads

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