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      Ultrasonics plant


      The ideal application of Bartz ultrasonics plants is the non-destructive 100% testing ofaluminium sheets for the automotive and aviation industries using the ultrasound process. In this process, sheets measuring max. 40 m x 4.0 m and of thicknesses up to 200 mm are positioned on 8 individually adjustable support tables in a stainless steel basin and are then tested using a US test head in a mean dering sequence.

      Technical data

      ·        Max. sheet size:                 40.0 m x 4.0 m

      ·        Max. sheet thickness:         200 mm

      ·        Test speed:                      300 mm/s (pre-scanmode)

      ·        Ultrasound head:               conventional or phased array testhead

      ·        Test accuracy:                  Class A (1.19 mm FBH) to Class AA(0.8 mm FBH)

      ·        Coupling agent:                 water

      ·        Control system:                 Siemens S7-300


      ·        Test basin can be subdivided

      ·        8 individually adjustable, hydraulically operatedjack tables

      ·        Water treatment plant

      ·        Extremely rigid machine bed with adjustable tracks

      ·        US test head can be swivelled and verticallyadjusted via manipulating device

      ·        High degree of automation

      ·        Operator cabin travels along with the work thusensuring max. operator comfort and visibility

      ·        In accordance with NADCAP / ASTM / SAE AerospaceStandards the complete system is suitable for certification and approval forthe aviation industry

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