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      Stacking machine


      A conveyorbelt automatically transports the ingots to the stacker. Stacking is carriedout fully automatically and is completed optionally by single or a double pairsof foot ingots. The stacks are then weighed and semi-automatically strappedwith aluminium or steel straps.

      Technical data


      ·        Dimensions l x w x h :            6.2 m x 1.6 m x 1.8 m

      ·        Ingot dimension:                   610 mm x 90 mm x 80 mm –approx. 6-10 kg/unit

      ·        Stacking rate:                       up to 1000 ingots/h

      ·         Electric connection load:       20 kW


      ·        Compact construction

      ·        Direct transfer of the ingots from the castingmachine

      ·        Automatic stacking with single or double pairs offoot ingots

      ·        Stacking by means of a rotary lift table

      ·        Exact weighing of the stacks

      ·        Semi-automatic strapping with steel, aluminium orplastic straps

      ·        Big buffer for up to 4 stacks

      ·        All wearing parts on stock with Bartz MaschinenbauGmbH

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