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      Continuous Casting


      The casting carousel is supplied withfluid aluminium via a swivelling pouring channel. The preheatedingot mouldshave capacities of up to 1.0 tonne of aluminium. The operator advances the filled ingot moulds from the furnacecontrol station or optionally from the casting carousel control cabinet. After cooling off, the blocksare lifted out of the ingot moulds with hydraulically actuated slide ejectors and can be easilydispatched with a forklift.

      Technical data

      ·        Plant dimensions:                 approx. ? 8m with10 ingotmoulds-?14m with 24 ingot moulds

      ·        Number of ingot moulds:       10-24 ingot moulds (capacity from 8-20 taluminium)

      ·        Inside dimension of the ingot moulds:    1320 x 1140 x 390 mm

      ·        Electric connection:               approx. 10 kW


      ·        Robust and low-maintenance rotary drives

      ·        Automatic ingot-mould preheating with gas burner

      ·        Operation from furnace control station or optionallyfrom the casting carousel

      ·        Process-reliable hydraulic slide ejectors

      ·        All wearing parts stocked by Bartz MaschinenbauGmbH

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