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      Granulating casting


      Aluminium granulates are manufactured based onsecondary or primary raw materials.

      Dry manufacturing is by dry pouring the fluid aluminiumon a rotating, water-cooled

      plate. Granulates are mainly used as deoxidants in thesteel industry or as abrasive


      Technical Data

      ·        Dimensions l x w x h:          8 m x 7 m x 7.5 m (not including coolingsystem)

      ·        Plant output:                    up to 2 to/h aluminium granulates

      ·        Granulate size:                  ? 8mm-15 mm

      ·        Ingot mould preheating:    automatic through self-igniting andflame-monitored gas burner

      ·        Cooling system:                Water cooling using recooler


      ·        Robust water-cooled rotary plate made of grey castiron

      ·        Granulate generation in ceramic ingot moulds

      ·        Granulate sorting using cascade separator

      ·        Granulate conveyance through fail-safe vibrationspiral conveyor

      ·        All wearing parts stocked by Bartz MaschinenbauGmbH

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