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      The BARTZ-Forkfix is designed for the use of thestandard 5-6t liquid metal crucibles. The Forkfix is a mobile tilting unitwhich can be connected to a standard fork lifter. With a special coupleequipment the forklifter can move and route the crucible to the targetposition. With a hand-control unit the crucible can be tilted so that via ancasting launder the liquid metal can be transferred into the furnace or a laundersystem.

      Technical Data

      ·        Crucibledimension 6t                            ? 1.900mm

      ·        Grossweight with aluminum crucible       12t

      ·        Weightof the Forkfix                            4,3t

      ·        Dimensionwithout crucible                     2,65 x2,75 x 2,40m

      ·        Hightwith crucible in tilting position        4.218mm

      ·        Tilting angle                                       max. 110°

      ·        Power connection (extern)                  380V

      ·        Diameter hydraulic cylinders                  120/70mm – stroke 1000mm


      ·        Coupleable to a standard forklifter

      ·        Connect and disconnect without leaving theforklifter

      ·        Highly mobile grade in cause of one-axis design

      ·        Strong steel structure – designed for casthouse

      ·        High safety grade according EN-Standard

      ·        Tilting speed adjustable – smooth tilting function

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