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      Street transport crucible


      The transport crucible for liquidaluminium is used to transport aluminium melts on public roads from the smelter to the foundry. Itconsists of a solid steel casing with reinforcing strips and a temperature resisting refractory liningwith optimal heat insulating properties.The feet of the crucible are equippedwith bores to fix the crucible on transport vehicles and tilting units. Thecrucible can be emptied through a corresponding pouring spout. The removablecover provides a filling hole which can be closed during transport, this alsorefers to the pouring spout.

      Technical Data

      ·        Outsidediameter of the crucible:       1,800 mm

      ·        Weightempty:                                4 t (standard crucible) 15 t (large crucible)

      ·        Capacity:                                       4-6t or 15 t

      ·        Averagetemperature loss:                8-12degrees Celsius / hour

      ·        Externaltemperature:                      max. 130 °C

      ·        Lining:                                           130mm refractory

      ·        Standardsand approvals:                  TüV Rheinland, Hazardous materials directive ADR,German Federal Institute for MaterialsTesting,Pressure equipment directive HP0          


      ·         Simplifiedhandling of liquid aluminium

      ·         Lowtemperature loss due to effective lining

      ·         Individualsizes up to 15 t useful capacity available

      ·         Suitablefor transport by crane

      ·         Highestsafety standard due to close cooperation with TüV and the German Institute for Materials Testing

      ·         TüVapproval is valid all over Europe

      ·         Individual inspection and approval

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