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      Crucible hot-cleaning


      The hot-cleaning machine is used forfast cleaning of empty and hot transport crucibles for liquid aluminium between the charging cycles. A pneumaticallyoperated chisel is used to remove deposits from the refractory lining thus reducing transportcosts. The transport crucible is ready to be used again immediately after cleaning and re-heating.

      Technical Data

      ·        Dimensionsl x w x h:            10 m x 5.5 m x3.8 mm

      ·        Electricconnection load:       10 kW

      ·        Rotationmotor:                   bevel gear motor 5.5 kW

      ·        Frequencyconverter:           Danfoss/SEW

      ·        Hydraulicunit:                     pmax: 120 bar, 30 l/min, 5.5 kW, control voltage 24 V

      ·        Hydrauliccylinder                 ?140 mm x 1400mm stroke, double-acting

      ·        Compressedair:                   min. 6 bar

      ·        Pneumaticcylinder               ? 80 mm x 1300 mm stroke, double-acting

      ? 80 mm x 1700 mm stroke, double-acting

      ·        Controlsystem:                    Siemens S7-300

      ·        Cleaningtemperature:          up to 450 °C°                   


      ·        Very short cleaning times

      ·        Crucible swings in working position by means ofhydraulic system

      ·        Operation of the chisel by means of a pneumaticcylinder

      ·        Adjustment of contact pressure by means ofproportional valves and joystick

      ·        Continuous adjustment of rotation speed

      ·        Crucible is hydraulically tilted and emptied aftertreatment

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