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      Gas heating


      This machine is used to heat transportcrucibles for liquid aluminium with a capacity of 5-15 t.The gas burner ispneumatically lowered onto the crucible, the control system of the machine then adjusts the pre-set crucible temperatureautomatically. It is also possibleto run individual heating curves.In that case a thermostatic control installed in the lining is used to monitorthe temperature

      Technical Data

      ·        Dimensions (L x W x H):     3.6 x 2.2 m x3.4 m (incl. crucible)

      ·        Burneroutput min./max.:    40 kW / 360 kW (optional recuperative burner)

      ·        Heatingspeed :                  max. 10 degreesper hour (maintaining temperature)

      ·        Electricconnection load :     7 kW

      ·        Controlsystem:                  Siemens S7-300with touch panel             


      ·        Energy efficient burner technology for differentheating media

      ·        (natural gas or propane gas burner, recuperativeburner on demand)

      ·        Tried and tested solid design of the mechanicsystem with integrated gas/air control lines

      ·        System control by means of PLC

      ·        Operation via operating panel

      ·        DVGW certified technology

      ·        Continuous burner adjustment

      ·        Optional programmes for pre-heating and holding thetemperature

      ·        Programme controlled drying of crucibles throughdefinable heating curves

      ·        Optimal recording of consumption and measurementdata in a central database

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