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      Immersion heater


      The system is used for heating andholding the temperature of liquid aluminium in transport crucibles.Theimmersion pipe is heated by means of a gas burner. It then immerses in thealuminium melt and holds it automatically at the pre-settemperature. The gas flame does not directly contact the aluminium melt.

      Technical Data

      ·        Dimensionsl x w x h:            3.8 x 4.7 m x 6.5 m (incl. transport crucible)

      ·        Burneroutput:                    80 kW recuperative burner

      ·        Heatingspeed:                    12 °C / hour with full transport crucible

      ·        Naturalgas consumption:      approx. 6 Nm3/h natural gas (average time)

      ·        Electricconnection load:       approx. 5 kW              


      ·        Reliable heating and holding the temperature ofliquid aluminium

      ·        High efficiency

      ·        Low energy consumption due to recuperative burner

      ·        Simple and safe operation due to automatedprocesses

      ·        Heating and holding the temperature of the melt inautomatic mode

      ·        Uniform temperature distribution in the crucible

      ·        Overall system control by means of S7-300 withTouch-Panel

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