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      Electrical Heating


      The BARTZ-Immersion Heating System forcrucibles is conseived for the heating up of liquid aluminum in transportcrucibles. Bartz Immersion heater is an electrical heating system where themolten aluminum have no contact to a gas flame. The thermal power is directlybrought to the heart of molten metal through conduction.

      Technical Data

      ·        Heatingrate                                 30W/cm2

      ·        Metaltemperature control              ±1°C

      ·        Materialfor heat transfer                Sialon

      ·        Sheathdiameter                           20 to 55mm

      ·        Sheathlength                              500- 1500mm

      ·        Connectingvoltage                       45to 600 volts

      ·        Power                                         6 to40 kW           


      ·        High heating efficiency of 98%

      ·        Three immersion heating elements of 17kW for a 6tcrucible

      ·        Good thermal conductivity

      ·        Immersion without preheating

      ·        Provides evenly distributed heat in the crucible

      ·        No sensitivity to thermal shocks

      ·        Easy to install and maintain

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