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      Scrap saw


      Bartz scrap saws are used to efficientlyand quickly cut oblong sections into smaller parts so that these can berecycled internally. The saw demonstrates its full especially when used in additionto the Bartz plate saw.The scrap sections placed on to the saw system areautomatically cut to the required length and stacked into alternately fillablescrap containers. From there the sections can easily be removed with a forklifttruck and then recycled.The scrap pieces to be cut are automatically clampedbefore and after the saw blade ensuring a rapid and reliable sawing action. The whole system ismade safe with protection devices, and features a sound-insulated operator cabin.

      Technical data

      ·        Plant dimensions L x W x H:               30 x 4 x 4 m

      ·        Maximum cut-off length:                    20,000 mm

      ·        Drive power for saw blade:                 45 kW

      ·        Saw blade lubrication:                        Unicut minimumlubrication

      ·        Chip removal:                                    automatic chipextraction


      ·        High cutting performance

      ·        Short non-productive times due to the use of twoscrap containers

      ·        Small lubricant requirement due to minimumlubrication

      ·        High degree of automation

      ·        Comfortable operation and good view of workingprocess due to operator cabin moving with the work

      ·        Designed to match the Bartz plate saw

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