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      Plate saw


      Bartz platesaws have been designed for fast and accurate trimming of rolled aluminiumsheets with lengths of up to 40 metres and a maximum width of 4.3 metres.By usingtwo high-speed saw units at the same time it is possible to accurately cut bothsides in parallel in one pass.As the saw heads can be turned by 90° it ispossible to carry out both cross cuts and diagonal cuts.

      Technical data

      ·        Plant dimensions L x W x H:               60 x 30 x 6 m

      ·        Saw table dimensions L x W x H:        40,000 x 4,300

      ·        Maximum plate size:                          39,000 x 4,300 x 300 mm (400 mm)


      ·        longitudinal cut:                               ± 1.5 mm

      ·        cross cut:                                       ± 0.75 mm

      ·        diagonal cut:                                   ± 2.0 mm

      ·        Drive cable for saw blade:                  2 x 7.5 kW

      ·        Cutting efficiency:                            2 x 900 cm2/min



      ·        High cutting performance due to simultaneous use oftwo saw units

      ·        Short non-productive times due to the parallel useof the saw tables

      ·        Small lubricant requirement due to minimumlubrication

      ·        High degree of automation

      ·        Comfortable operation and good view of workingprocess due to operator cabin moving with the work

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