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      Crucible impeller station


      The impeller is used for the finaltreatment of a container filled with liquid aluminium, to bring impurities and inclusions in the melt to the surface by addingargon, nitrogen or other inert gases and toreduce the dissolved hydrogen at the same time.

      According to the customer’s needs the machine can be designed for rotation or forlongitudinal or cross-wise transport of one or several crucibles.

      Technical Data

      ·        Cruciblesize:                 capacity 5-6 t (standard)

      ·        Melttemperature:       760 °C-800 °C

      ·        Rotor:                            4 chamber graphite rotor ? 190 mm x 80mm

      ·        Control:                          Siemens S7-300                 


      ·        Adjustable gas flow via Mass Flow Control (MFC)

      ·        Splitting of the gas flow into very fine bubbles

      ·        Uniform distribution of the rinsing gas in the melt

      ·        Perfect mixing of the complete melt

      ·        Reduction of hydrogen in the melt

      ·        Treatment time to be programmed

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